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How to submit your answer paper online | Purbanchal University

by Nirdesh Baral

A simple guideline How to submit your answer paper online | Purbanchal University

The ongoing pandemic has hit us hard ceasing daily normal activities. In  these middle of Pandemic , Purbanchal University has decided to take assessment via online medium. Though technological reach has not been flourished all over the Nepal, submitting answers can be a challenging task .Writing desired answers in format and converting it back to pdf is hard enough.Also ,invalid submission could lead to poor marking or disqualification.


A official notice has been issued stating about the Time Bound Examination as below :

[URIS id=2132]

But hey no worries , we will guide you to create pdf perfectly without the need of laptop or pc.

Step 1: Write up your answers in A4 or a plain sheet of paper

Step 2 : Capture a still images in well lighted room

Step 3 : Download any pdf converter or img to pdf converter

You can download anyone freely or Just ImgtoPdf converter Here

Step 4: Select the answer sheets in row and click on convert

Step 5: Save the pdf in phone

Step 6: Recheck your answer and mail it to respective email address

Here is a video description of the entire process  to ease your understanding

Good luck for your exam !! 




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