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Test Guidelines for the National Licensure Examination for Nurses

by Nirdesh Baral

Background of Test Guidelines for the National Licensure Examination for Nurses
Nepal Nursing Council is an autonomous body under the Nepal Nursing Council Act 2052 formulated by
the Government of Nepal. It aims at promoting quality nursing and midwifery education in order to bring
quality nursing and midwifery service in the country. The National Licensure Examination for Nurses is an examination for nurses introduced by the Nepal
Nursing Council. The National Licensure Examination for Nurses is an examination to qualify as nursing
professionals. It is required for all new pre-service graduates of Proficiency Certificate Level (PCL) and
Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSc N.) Programmes The examination is geared towards testing
knowledge and practice in relation to the job functions most commonly required by entry-level professional
nurses. The examination determines eligibility to earn a title of registered nurse in order to begin working
as a professional nurse.

The Nepal Nursing Council had gone through several processes to establish the National Licensure
Examination for Nurses in Nepal. The Nepal Nursing Council sought references on licensing exam from
SAARC including developed countries. The Nepal Nursing Council also received technical and human
resource from JICA to support in conducting initial licensure examination.

The objectives of the national licensure examination are as follows:

  1. To maintain quality nursing services to the public.
  2. To maintain professional standard of knowledge and practice among new graduates
  3. To recommend for strengthening the capability of nursing institutions for quality nursing

Eligibility for Test Guidelines for the National Licensure Examination for Nurses

(A) Nepalese citizen graduated from Nepal
To meet the professional education requirement for licensure as a qualified professional nurse, the
candidate must present satisfactory evidence of having received pre-service nursing education
programmes approved by the NNC and must submit the documents as mentioned in Table 1. These
programmes include a four-year Bachelor of Science in Nursing or 3 years of Proficiency Certificate
Level (Diploma level) programmes.
(B) Nepalese citizen graduated from other countries
Applicants, who have completed pre-service nursing education from other countries, must have
their equivalence certificate from the concerned government authority. Individual applicant needs
to be graduated from the institute recognized from the respective nursing council or authorized
government body and must submit the documents as mentioned in Table 1.
(C) Foreigners graduated from Nepal
Foreign applicants graduated from Nepal must have completed pre-service nursing
programme from the institution approved by the NNC and must submit the document

Frequency of the NLEN
The Nepal Nursing Council conducts the NLEN three times a year. If applicant fails an examination,s/he will be allowed to apply for the next examination.
Application Fee for Test Guidelines for the National Licensure Examination for Nurses
The fee for the NLEN online application for Nepalese candidate is NPR 1,600. The fee for a candidate from SAARC countries is NPR 5,100 and for foreigner other than SAARC countries is NPR 10,100.
Scoring System
There is no negative scoring system. It means when applicant gives wrong answer, no minus marking
will be done.
Passing Standard
The grading system on the NLEN is either pass or fail. No numerical score will be provided. In order to
pass the National Licensure Examination, the applicant must score at least 50% marks in aggregate.

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