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An array of hope: Ecosystem Restoration

by Nirdesh Baral

An array of hope: Ecosystem Restoration: If we close our eyes for a second and think about the environment, we can feel that the mother earth is not feeling well this days. The reason is simple and complicated at the same time. Everything in the world has a science behind it which is to stay in a system. When a system is obstructed and ongoing chain required to be maintained is distracted, outcome is whether a development or a destruction. In case of the environment, today the natural process belonging to the ecosystem is challenged mainly by human beings leading to the need of ecosystem restoration.

Ecosystem itself is about the balance within the plant, animal and micro-organism communities and their non-living environment where they interact as a functional unit.  In urban areas of Nepal, people are facing problems of waste management, accommodation issues, pollution,  inflated prices and many more. There is imbalance in ecosystem as the environment is under the deteriorating phase. Such threat to terrestrial ecosystem can be restored through scientific practices like rooftop farming, trainings to prepare compost manure, youths attention towards poultry farming and agricultural intensification, implanting dustbins with a proper application of disposal, 3R promotion i.e. reduce, reuse and recycle. In rural area, the arable land is not in the production state due to internal and external migration. Brain drain among youths have led the fertile land stay untouched. Environment friendly economic resilience opportunities targeting the agriculture needs to be emphasized.

An array of hope: Ecosystem Restoration

As per Ministry of Forestry and Environment, in 2020, the production of timber have decreased to 10.3 million cft as comparison to 2019 i.e. 19.4 million cft due to strict lockdown in Nepal. The pandemic have led to deficiency in the supply of timber within Nepal.  Import of timber is taking place. In order to meet the demand, Community Forest User Groups (CFUG) need to be mobilized in country side with application of safety measures for COVID-19. Patrol against poaching, forest management activities by CFUG is on delay due to COVID-19. Forest can be potential source of income mainly in rural areas of Nepal. Despite of the difficulties, CFUG is helping the poor and vulnerable people of Nepal by the well established well being ranking instruments for distribution of package. Such good practices need to be promoted in order to maintain the forest ecosystem of Nepal. Population growth has put biodiversity on stress by leading to deforestation, exploitation of natural resources, extinction of plants and animals. Destructive fishing, adhoc planning and wild life poaching have threatened the biodiversity conservation in Nepal. In order to preserve the biodiversity and promote the sustainability, greening of roads, promotion of non motorized transportation, tree counting and plantation, fish survey, promotion of regional cooperation in transboundary are the possible means of terrestrial and aquatic ecosystem restoration.

Research and documentation practices is highly encouraged in order to restore ecosystem. Time is still left, hope is still on, to conserve the biodiversity and maintain balance in ecosystem. Every year World Environment Day is celebrated on June 5. This year the theme is “Ecosystem Restoration”. Let’s celebrate the day with full pride through application of good practices to save the mother earth.

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Recommended Citation :Magar, E., 2021. An array of hope: Ecosystem Restoration [online] Nepal Health Magazine. Available at: <https://nepalhealthmag.com/an-array-of-hope-ecosystem-restoration> [Accessed 17 May 2021].

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