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SEACanGrid | WHO SEARO: Cancer manifests as uncontrolled cell proliferation in various body organs or tissues, often infiltrating nearby areas and metastasizing to distant sites. In the South-East Asia Region, an estimated 2.2 million new cancer cases were reported in 2020, with 1.4 million deaths—an increase of one third compared to 2010. Mortality rates surpass those of high-income countries, reflecting inadequate cancer management resources. Projections suggest the region will face 3.6 million new cases and 2.4 million deaths by 2040.

Need for SEACanGrid | WHO SEARO
Need for SEACanGrid | WHO SEARO

Due to infrastructural and resource limitations, sharing expertise and knowledge among healthcare providers is crucial for improving care quality. The establishment of a collaborative network, the ‘South-East Asia Cancer Grid’ (SEACanGrid), launched in 2023, aims to address these gaps. SEACanGrid fosters cooperation among Member States to enhance cancer care standards, facilitate professional development, and encourage technical collaboration.

Comprising nominated cancer service provider institutions, SEACanGrid’s scope spans from early screening to palliation and rehabilitation across all age groups. It supports contextual treatment approaches, workforce training, virtual tumor boards, and the strengthening of cancer information systems. SEACanGrid serves as an overarching framework, accommodating subnetworks like SEAR-CCN and specific disease networks such as cervical cancer, aiming to drive policy changes and improve cancer care region-wide.

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