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World Hepatitis Summit 2024 | WHO

by Nirdesh Baral

World Hepatitis Summit 2024 | WHO : The World Hepatitis Summit (WHS) will take place from 9–11 April 2024 in Lisbon, Portugal, under the theme “Integrate Accelerate Eliminate”. WHS is a global meeting to advance the viral hepatitis agenda and provide a platform for a broad hepatitis community to take stock of progress to date, share experiences and best practice in reaching and validating viral hepatitis elimination. It is the only global hepatitis conference which prioritizes public health and provides an unrivalled opportunity to focus a global audience on the implementation of a comprehensive viral hepatitis response. 

WHO will hold several key sessions during the summit, as well as a pre-summit workshop focusing on country experiences in elimination viral hepatitis as public health threat. 

Pre-summit workshop

7 – 8 April 2024  | Main auditorium  |  7 April from 13:00–17:30 and 8 April from 09:00–17:30 (WET – Western European Time) 


The workshop serves as an opportunity to share important updates from the newly launched WHO document with Member States and global partners, while exchanging insights on integration, access, innovation, and collaboration crucial for achieving viral hepatitis elimination.


This workshop will bring together around 100 participants from over 40 hepatitis-priority countries, including national programme managers and policymakers, partners, civil society and implementation agencies supporting interventions, as well as hepatitis experts from WHO regional and country offices. .


The workshop agenda will include interactive group and panel discussions, plenary sessions, and brainstorming sessions in addition to presentations from Ministries of Health, WHO and partner organizations. The agenda will be focused on the following topics:

  • Global progress and access report;
  • Transforming access at country level; 
  • Hepatitis B and C diagnosis and care;
  • Integration opportunities to accelerate country response;
  • Introducing the new consolidated hepatitis strategic information guidelines; and
  • Hepatitis programme management.

WHO highlights at WHS

Viral Hepatitis Elimination by 2030: Access for Action | Plenary session

Tuesday 9 April 2024  |  Main auditorium  | 10:00–11:00 (WET) 

WHO will present the Global Hepatitis Report 2024, the first consolidated WHO report on viral hepatitis epidemiology, service coverage and product access, with improved data for action. This exciting report contains information from 187 countries and outlines regional perspectives and actionable steps to scale up interventions, emphasizing the importance of leveraging lessons from the COVID-19 response. Based on country gaps and barriers analysis up to 2023, the report also outlines actions to advance a public health approach to viral hepatitis to drive progress towards eliminating viral hepatitis as a public health threat by 2030.

Generating better data  | Workshop  

Tuesday 9 April 2024  |  Meeting room 1  |  11:30–12:30 (WET) 

This session will focus on how to improve collection and use of country data to drive the national hepatitis response. The objectives are 1) to understand the need to generate and use data to drive decisions for actions; 2) using country data for action and investment; and 3) using data for impact assessment.

WHO Hepatitis B guidelines 2024: a game-changing opportunity to transform scale-up across the regions | Parallel session

Wednesday, 10 April 2024  |  Main auditorium  | 15:15–16:45 (WET) 

The new guidelines include recommendations on expanded criteria for treatment eligibility and for use of antivirals in prevention of mother-to-child transmission, use of point-of-care HBV DNA assays and reflex HBV DNA testing, who to test and how to test for Delta virus infection, and key good practice principles for HBV service delivery.

For each of the 11 topics with new or updated recommendations, the recommendations will be presented with key supporting evidence base, rationale for recommendations, implementation considerations, and research gaps. Additional short presentations and panel discussion will address implications of implementing these recommendations in different regions, and the role and perspectives of civil society.

Making the triple elimination of hepatitis B, HIV and syphilis a reality | Plenary session

Wednesday, 10 April 2024  |  Main auditorium  | 9:10–10:15 (WET)

Effective case-finding strategies | Workshop

Wednesday, 10 April 2024  |  Meeting Room 1  | 10:30–11:30 (WET)

Hepatitis self-testing: Country experiences and lessons learned | Parallel session

Thursday, 11 April 2024  |  Small auditorium  | 11:30–12:30 (WET)

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