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International Lightning Safety Day | June 28

by Nirdesh Baral

Every year lightning kills thousands of people worldwide. International Lightning Safety Day was initiated to not only call attention to the dangers of lightning, but also to draw attention to the problem related to lightning safety and protection in developing countries.. Lightning has proved to be fatal for several people in the past and has even been regarded as the leading cause of death from natural disasters in Nepal.

Lighting ( Thunderbolt Disater in Nepal)

Thunderbolts getting deadlier each year as country remains unprepared about this disaster.

Lightning is one of the deadliest natural disasters in Nepal. Every year, several dozens of people are killed by lightning strikes during the pre-monsoon season.A study published earlier this month has shown that 1,927 people lost their lives and 20,569 others were affected— injuries or property damage — to lightning strikes in Nepal between 1971 and 2019.

The findings of the study published in Weather, Climate and Society, a journal published by the American Meteorological Society, analysed lightning fatality events, fatality rates, and economic loss from 1971 to 2019, relying on data collected from the UN’s Des Inventar dataset and the Disaster Risk Reduction portal of the Nepal government.The analysis revealed that the overall countrywide lightning fatality rate of the entire period was 1.77 per million per year.

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For minimizing losses to various disasters, including lightning strikes and making weather prediction more accurate, the state has been working to install at least three weather radars. Of the three planned, just one has been installed in Surkhet. But this also goes out of order every now and then, according to officials. Lightning detection centres, together with weather radars, enable now casting, provide real-time data on cloud movements and other atmospheric activities, and this all makes it possible to predict lightning strikes a few hours in advance and save lives.Despite these technologies being available in Nepal, the country has continued to lose lives and suffer damage as they aren’t fully functional.[The KathMadnu Post]

How to be protected from Lighting ?

  1. Don’t stay outdoors – If it is raining heavily or lightning is expected to strike, stay indoors to avoid being a target. 
  2. Do not take shelter under a tall tree – If you are stuck outside, try to steer clear of tall trees and look for shorter ones as lighting often hits the highest point on the ground. 
  3. Listen to advisory – Listen to the alert sounded by the weather department and the government. Take a note of the tips mentioned by them. Postpone your travel plans if the advisory warns of thunderstorm or lightning. 
  4. Avoid bathing, washing dishes – Avoid contact with water during lighting. Do not bathe, shower, wash dishes, or have any other contact with water during a thunderstorm. Lightning can travel through plumbing.
  5. Use only cellular, cordless phones – Avoid using electronic equipment of all types. Lightning can travel through electrical systems as radio reception systems. It is, however, safe to use cordless or cellular phones.
  6. Do not lie on concrete floors – Avoid concrete floors and walls. Do not lie on concrete floors during lightning. 
  7. Avoid open spaces – Stay off balconies, porches and out of open garages or car ports.

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